CD/AM/FM car stereo with Direct iPod Control and Android Media Compatible, Illuminated Front USB and Aux-In, and WMA/MP3/WAV Playback.

Powered for portable music.

Enjoy music from a variety of sources, including audio stored on an iPod/iPhone, Android SmartphoneUSB stick or CD.

We’ve also upped the power handling capability on the DEH-2550UI (1A USB), so you can connect and play music from more USB devices, such as tablets and HDD, as well as charge your phone faster.

For easy connection with your portable music devices, the DEH-2550UI has a convenient USB and auxiliary input on the front. The additional iPod Direct feature lets you control your iPod or iPhone from the dashboard of your car.

The DEH-2550UI's built-in amplifiers produce pristine sound delivered at 4 x 50W of pure, proven MOSFET power. With a direct sub drive, you can connect a subwoofer directly to the system without the need for an extra amplifier: an easy solution for lovers of booming bass.

If that isn't enough, you can always use the 2 RCA pre-outs to hook up another stereo component, like an extra amp for the front and rear speakers or a subwoofer, for example.