World's first 15x Blu-ray Drive. Internal BD/DVD/CD Burner.

Want the fastest Blu-ray burner currently in the market? Then the BDR-208EBK is the perfect drive for you. 

The BDR-208EBK is an internal SATA Blu-ray, DVD, and CD burner that supports the BDXL format, which has available triple layer (TL) and quad layer (QL) Blu-ray media1. 

Need software to tackle all your playback, editing, authoring and burning needs? The BDR-208EBK is bundled with CyberLink Media Suite 8, which includes PowerDVD™ 10 BD3D, PowerDirector® 9, and Power2Go® 7

PowerDVD 10 BD3D delivers award-winning playback software and supports playback of Blu-ray Disc 3D titles. PowerDVD will even convert your 2D video files and DVDs into a 3D experience2, and will upscale standard-definition content to look better on HD displays. 

PowerDirector 9 allows you to import your home movies, edit them, and then author them to Blu-ray Disc or DVD, or upload them to social media sites. 

Power2Go 7 gives you the ability to burn your valuable files to Blu-ray (including triple and quad layer BDXL discs), DVD or CD media. With BDXL support, you can now back up your files with fewer discs than ever before.

Running out of hard drive space? With triple layer and quad layer BDXL media, you can store up to 128GB on a single disc. That's the equivalent of 27 single layer DVD discs or 15 dual layer DVD discs. And with up to 15x3 write speeds on BD-R media, you can do it fast.

The BDR-208EBK also has features such as PowerRead™, Auto Quiet mode, PureRead2, and QuickPlay. PowerRead4 can provide smoother movie playback when a disc has fingerprints or minor surface scratches. 

Auto Quiet mode intelligently adjusts the disc rotation speed to reduce noise (useful while watching movies or listening to music), PureRead automatically adjusts drive parameters to minimize sound glitches during music playback, and QuickPlay reduces the time between inserting a disc and that disc being ready. For movies on DVD and Blu-ray, the disc is ready faster than with the BDR-207EBK. 

Remember, data doesn't exist until it exists twice! So secure your data by backing it up on a disc.

Store more data
Up to 156% more data storage capacity than a 50GB Dual Layer Blu-ray Disc. The BDXL™ format supports BDXL Blu-ray media (including 128GB Quad Layer (QL) and 100GB Triple Layer (TL) Blu-ray Disc™).

Watch 3D movies
The BDR-2208 is 3D compatible and comes bundled with 3D playback software. All you need for your 3D experience is a 3D display system2.

Faster burning
Up to 15x3 writing on BD-R single-layer discs, 14x on BD-R DL discs, and 8x writing on BD-R triple-layer discs.

Smooth movie playback
Scratches, fingerprints and other abnormalities on the surface of a disc can sometimes cause Blu-ray and DVD movie playback to stop. When a PowerRead enabled drive is not able to read through obstructed areas of a disc, it will attempt to move forward quickly to the next available data point, resulting in smoother Blu-ray and DVD movie playback4.

A better music experience
Scratches and fingerprints on your CDs can cause them to skip. A drive normally makes a calculated guess at the unreadable data and attempts to correct this to match the original music. However this is not 100% accurate. PureRead, when enabled, makes the drive reread the obscured data to extract the original music as accurately as possible5.